Latino students in the Houston area react to Trump's Mexico trip

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Whether he's teaching civics or sentence structure, the Democratic process always seems to slip into Professor Tony Diaz's instruction. A close observer of this presidential selection process, the well-known educator and Latino activist views the Republican nominee's surprise trip to Mexico City as a 'Trumpian"'blend of political opportunism and bald-faced hypocrisy.

"I think he is Hispandering," said Diaz. "I think he is appealing to the Latino vote and he's not prone to backtrack and say, 'I'm sorry.' Honestly, if he had said, 'Sorry,' a few months ago about two or three things, his numbers would be up." 

Among many of Diaz's students at Lone Star College, Trump's derisive anti-Mexico rhetoric and promise to erect a border wall has struck a disturbing chord. It's one they say that's unlikely to be altered by a photo opportunity with the president of Mexico Enrique Pena Nieto.

"With him going to Mexico and saying, 'Look guys, it's all good. We can hang out. I can hang out in Mexico and no one has hurt me and so this is all good.' It's a band-aid," said Irene Zeleya, a Lone Star College student.
Others say there are nuggets of truth in the tycoon's anti-Mexico talk that simply can't be denied.

"There are the Mexicans who come here and are selling drugs," said Nick Medrano, another Lone Star College student. "There's not a day that goes by that you don't hear on the news about a big drug bust shipment coming in from Mexico." 

As for the recent softening in the Republican nominee's plan to round up millions of immigrants and his meeting with president Pena Nieto, students believe Trump is doing what's good for Trump.

"It's like you've got to pick the lesser of the evils," said Lone Star College student Terrin Ester.

"I've seen people saying he might be a good president, but I'm saying back, 'Look, are you sure? Think about it. Think about what he said,'" added student Aaron Gonzales Hernandez.

A recent FOX News Latino poll found that Trump is the choice of 20 percent of registered Hispanic voters.