Lakewood Pines residents reporting foul-smelling water, health concerns

When it comes to water, some who live in Lakewood Pines near Humble say they end up paying much more than just a monthly water bill.

So, what does the water smell like?

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"Rancid sewage," said homeowner Daniel Ramirez. "As soon as you hit the faucet, it hits you in the face."

"It smells like old trash or sewage," said homeowner Sharon Haynes.

"I'm getting an oily smell," said homeowner Edna Smith.

Before we went out to interview the residents, we went to MUD District 422's office in Jersey Village.

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In no time at all, Municipal Utility President Todd Burrer had the lines flushed. So when we got to the homeowners, they said it's not as bad as usual.

It's been flushed many times residents say, and they call it a temporary fix.

"Maybe a day, day and a half, at the most, and that's not clearing the smell. It's making it less," said Sharon.

"In my household, we have children, so you can imagine it's not just the smell, but the precautions of what could be in the water," said Daniel. 

"I'm taking my clothes to the laundromat. I go to my sisters twice a day to shower," Sharon said. "I'm buying water, buying extra stuff to clean with because the house just smells all the time, because of the water."

As far as Edna is concerned, drinking the water is out of the question.

"The smell, it turns you off. You're not going to put it in your mouth, I don't even brush my teeeh with it. I'm afraid of it," she said.

The MUD District President told us the water is safe to drink and meets all state and municipal requirements.

In a statement to FOX 26, Burrer said, "Harris County MUD 422 is undergoing routine maintenance which includes a temporary conversion in the type of disinfectant used in the water supply from Chloramines to Free Chlorine. For maximum effectiveness, this conversion is anticipated to last approximately 30 days. Some residents may experience temporary odor or taste changes in their water during this process. These changes are aesthetic and are not a health hazard. Residents who have questions or need assistance can call the 24-hour dispatch line at 281-398-8211."