Klein ISD community demands answers after teacher, son arrested for sex trafficking

Following the recent arrest of Kedria Grigsby, a former cosmetology teacher at Klein Independent School District, and her son, Roger Magee, on charges related to sex trafficking, community activists are demanding a thorough investigation into the handling of the case by school authorities.

In a Thursday morning press conference, Quannell X and Dr. Candice Matthews revealed a possible whistleblower who reportedly informed the school about the alleged involvement of Grigsby and her son in sex crimes a year ago. 

According to a sworn statement dated February 2023, provided by a former teacher of the district who wishes to remain anonymous, Grigsby and Magee were implicated in the alleged sex crimes involving minors - one of the students was the whistleblower's daughter. They claim their daughter became friends with Magee. Fox 26 has also obtained a copy of an email the former teacher sent to the district, asking for action to be taken on their claim.

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The statement further alleges that Grigsby had been allowed to continue teaching at the school despite these serious allegations. The anonymous teacher also states the same district administrator asked her to either resign from their position or be terminated. 

"Our children deserve a right to be in a school district where they are safe and protected. As a parent, we deserve a right to know if we have some sleazeballs in this school district. We need to know about it," said Dr. Candice Matthews. 

Leaders from the district, including the police department, stood nearby during the press conference. Quanell X directed some statements toward them, requesting that they address the public. "This don't pass the smell test, all of y'all should be fired."

The alleged victims, aged between 15 and 17, were reportedly runaways who sought assistance from the teacher.

Sheriff Ed Gonzalez confirmed the arrests on social media Monday, revealing that Grigsby had allegedly facilitated the trafficking of three students while employed at the district. Additionally, students have come forward alleging that Grigsby attempted to recruit them into the illicit activities.

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Grigsby and her son now face charges of trafficking of a child and compelling prostitution of minors. Magee had previously been in custody for similar offenses two years ago.

In response to the allegations raised by community activists, Klein ISD refuted the claims, stating that they had promptly contacted the sheriff's office upon receiving the initial report. They maintain that Grigsby was not identified as a suspect until her recent arrest. 

Full statement from Klein ISD's Director of Communications, Chelsea Ceballos: 

Once again, the information shared by Quanell X and Candace Matthews is completely false. The facts are that an individual notified us that she filed a report in Harris County related to former employee Keidra Grigsby in February 2023. That same day, our Klein ISD Police Department immediately contacted the Sheriff’s Office with the case number provided to us by the individual, and the Harris County Sheriff’s Office reported that Keidra Grigsby was not a suspect. The next time we heard anything related to Keidra Grigsby was this Monday when the Sheriff’s Office contacted our police department regarding pending charges. The Klein Police Department then immediately apprehended Keidra Grigsby and assisted the Sheriff’s Office with her arrest. Again, any behavior harming children is deplorable, and we will always fully cooperate with our many law enforcement partners to ensure anyone engaging in such acts is brought to justice.