Kitten rescued from storm drain by St. Pete Fire

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A very lucky, soaking wet kitten was pulled from a sewage drain in St. Petersburg Tuesday.

If someone hadn't heard him crying and called the fire department, it might not have made it. But someone did hear the little black and white kitty’s cries, and thanks to that firefighter who climbed down a ladder into the storm drain, he or she is going to be just fine.

It all started when an employee at Bruce Watters Jewelry on Beach Drive in downtown St. Pete heard a kitten crying.

"What do you do when a kitten's stuck somewhere? You call the fire department!" said Jim Watters.

"We were unable to pry the grate up, so we had to go to the other end of the sewer line, not the sewer line, the waterway, place a firefighter down there via ladder and flush it out with some water," Captain Albert Vildostegui with St. Petersburg Fire Rescue said.

That’s why the kitten is all wet. But when it comes to happy endings, they don't come any better.One of the firefighter's wives adopted the kitty.