Keeping pets safe for the Fourth of July

While the loud bangs and bright lights are fun to watch on the Fourth of July, fireworks can be especially scary for pets.

According to the, animal control officials see an increase in lost pets in the days surrounding the Fourth.

BluePearl Vet Surgery Specialist Jeff Yu encourages pet owners to keep their dog's comfort level in mind.

“Fourth of July is a great time for the family and obviously the pets are part of the family and right around this time people take their dogs sometimes to fireworks," said Yu. "Sounds like a great idea, if they’re used to it, I think that’s fine. But just remember there is going to be a lot of noises, lot of people, lot of crowd."

To help calm pets, Yu suggests turning on the radio or television or keeping them in a quiet room away from the distracting noises. Also, in public always keep dogs on a leash, just in case.

"Every dog has its own personality, so I think most owners hopefully know their dogs well enough to ok if they should be in that situation or not or whether they should just be inside at home and quiet," said Yu.