Katy man gets back at 'coward' behind trailer graffiti

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A Katy carpenter's property is vandalized with hate, but now, you might say, he has friends coming out of the woodwork. This happened because someone didn't like where he parked his work trailer, and never asked him to move.

"I came back from vacation and someone had spray painted some obscenities on it and 'Move,'"" Don Teague told Fox 26.

Teague's work trailer is parked beside his client's house, where, over the past couple weeks he built a fence and has been working on a pergola.  It's on a side street, and not blocking the view at an intersection, but it somewhat narrows to the road to one lane of traffic.

"I'm sorry if I inconvenience people for 30 seconds, sitting in an air conditioned vehicle. I'm sorry," Teague says somewhat facetiously.

Teague says his trailer has been parked at the same location just over two weeks, and received no complaints. He doesn't understand why there would be so much anger about having to wait for another car to pass. But if someone did have a problem with it, why wouldn't they just talk to him about it?

Teague topped the vandal's gold spray painted message, with black spray paint, writing:

"Dear Coward, If you wanted me too [sic] move my trailer why not just ask me? Are you that much of a chicken****? that you have too [sic] vandalize my work trailer.  The trailer I use to make a living after serving my country."

Teague signed it with his name and cell phone number.

"It wasn't so much out of anger as it was out of disappointment in people," Teague says about his reply. "Just talk to me. But no, they'd rather come, like a thief in the night, and deface my trailer."

Teague's trailer has garnered him social media and TV attention.  The vandal hasn't come forward, but Teague says his supporters sure have.

"The response has been huge and it's been all positive," he tells us. "Just total strangers are coming forward saying, 'What can I do to help you?'"

Teague even got a call from Clayton Hurst, owner of Katy Truck Accessories, volunteering to repaint the trailer free of charge.

"I've had friends and family serve in the military, so its just a good chance to get out there help people out. Just really take care of the community," Hurst says.

Teague says he's grateful and overwhelmed by all the people who have reached out to him. Hurst just hopes this is something people will learn from.

"You don't have to go to any extreme measures like this to try and get things handled," Hurst says.

Hurst met Teague for the first time Tuesday, promising him to get his trailer repainted quickly. He wants to get Teague back on the road, so that the current discord is not even visible in the rear view mirror.