Judges fail to revoke bond for man accused of killing while out on bond

Two district court judges have ignored a district attorney's request to revoke a bond for a violent gang member accused of murder while out on multiple bonds.

The motions filed by the state in the 232nd Judge Josh Hills court and the 351st Judge George Powell's court make it clear.

The six bonds Vernon Menifee is currently out of jail on are insufficient to ensure the safety of the community.

"He is out on a total on six felony bonds, totaling $550,000, which he has somehow managed to post," said Andy Kahan with CrimeStoppers.


Convicted felon accused of murdering man while out on felony bonds released on 6th bond

Investigators say he committed the murder while out of jail on multiple felony bonds.

Court documents state Menifee has had three different bond revocations.
But instead of putting the dangerous gang member in jail the courts just release him on more bonds.

"These suspects just laugh in our cops faces I'll just be out in a couple of hours," said Police Chief Art Acevedo in a September 9th interview. "You know what the jokes on us and ultimately the people we serve."


After posting his bond for Murder on August 24 court documents state Menifee violated his electronic and curfew seven times.

On September 8th Menifee was arrested on a burglary to commit aggravated assault and was once again given bond which he has violated a number of times.

"Almost a dozen violations of his GPS ankle monitor where basically he's gone for the entire day," Kahan said.

What's more, the states motion to revoke says on September 13 a witness in Menifee's murder case was shot and is currently hospitalized and unable to speak.


Man accused of murdering someone while out on 3 felony bonds, granted bond again

More than 60 people have been killed because individuals suspected of violent crimes were allowed to roam free.

The document shows Menifee violated his GPS tracking device that day.

"He was pretty much gone the entire day until 1:04 a.m.," said Kahan.

It was three in the afternoon when we went to the 232nd to ask Judge Josh Hill why he hasn't signed the motion to revoke Menifee's bond. The court coordinator told us that's the normal time he leaves.

We asked him to ask Judge Hill to call us. We made the same request in a phone message and email to Judge George Powell in the 351st.

So far, both judges have ignored our request for an explanation.

Court documents state as of September 18, Menifee's whereabouts are unknown.


No warrant for his arrest can be filed until one of the judges signs off on the motion to revoke his bond.

"It's outrageous because people are getting killed and people are getting hurt as a result," Acevedo said.