JJ Watt's dating problem

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Girls scream uncontrollably. Women swoon because they think he’s gorgeous. Yet JJ Watt says he can’t get a date.  Does anyone really think he has a dating problem?

“Yeah. I think he does have a big problem,” one lady tells me.

“What’s that?” I ask.

“He's not dating my daughter.”

Another woman told me she thought he was already engaged. (Cough, cough.)

“The girl up here at Wells Fargo bank told me that she's going to marry JJ.”

But JJ doesn’t want a banker that might want his money, and he doesn’t want a fan that just likes him because he’s famous.  He says he just wants someone to date him because he's a great guy. And here’s how we know he’s a great guy.

“Everybody loves JJ because he cooks with his mom,” said the woman who thought he was engaged. J

JJ Watt definitely has the recipe for success. He’s been up close with film cameras, video cameras, and still cameras in the off season, yet his top priority is still football.

Mike Meltser with SportsRadio 610 says he can’t really relate to a handsome multi-millionaire superstar, but he does understand that Watt’s training regimen could put a cramp in any single man’s style.

“I mean this guy’s going to sleep at like 7:30 at night,” Meltser says. “It’s not easy to go to bed at 7:30 at night and find a girlfriend because women are usually out. And usually better things happen after 7:30 at night, right?

The other issue, as Watt sees it, is that once he retires from football he plans to become just an average guy. So what  woman, who married him as a superstar, would still love him if he became JJ who?

Nahhh. Meltser says, don’t worry about that, girls.

“I think he's more likely to be like The Rock than he is to coach high school football and be some anonymous guy in Wisconsin with a big house, a  wife and kids, and drinking beer once in a while,” Meltser tells me. “I don't think you can go from the very top of superstardom like this, to just being a regular guy.”

But I think I found someone for him. When I asked her if she had any dating advice for JJ Watt she said, “Who’s JJ Watt? Why, is he good looking?”

Forgive her, she said, calling herself a Yankee and a Chicago Bears fan. Then she added:

“Well, I have a few girlfriends, okay? They’re cougars, and maybe he'd be perfect.”

I think JJ Watt might prefer a University of Houston Cougar (as in a UH student), than the kind of cougar she was talking about. But hey, you never know.