Jersey Mike's donates sales on March 27 to pediatric brain cancer fund

There are more than 3,000 new cases of pediatric brain tumors every year in the United States. Treatments have improved for young patients every year, but they can have serious long-term consequences like seizures, strokes, and growth problems.

During the month of March, Jersey Mike's Subs is partnering with Houston based neuroradiologist Henry Lee and his wife Althea Lee to raise money for their chapter of The Cure Starts Now, a charity formed in 2007 to battle pediatric brain cancer. 

"A lot of people don't realize that pediatric brain cancer is the deadliest cancer among children," said Althea Lee, director of Nicole's Houston Hearts of Gold. "And that it's the number one killer among all children's diseases."

Every March, Jersey Mike's Subs partners with a local charity. On March 27, 100% of their sales will go to The Cure Starts Now Foundation.

"We were introduced to Althea and The Cure Starts Now Foundation, and we were just humbled by what they're doing, and honored to be partnering with them," said John Enterline, Area Director of Jersey Mike's Subs. 

98% of those funds will be directly used for cancer research through grants. Lee's fight for the cure is inspired by her daughter, who battled and lost to DIPG, an aggressive form of brain cancer.

"Our daughter was five years old when she was diagnosed. We noticed that she was stumbling and had headaches," Lee said. "There was a lemon-sized tumor on her brainstem. This is what we're here for, we're trying to find that cure."