Jammed gun saves two after man fatally shot in northeast Houston

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Houston police are searching for a gunman who fatally shot a man who was fishing in Northeast Houston on Sunday night.

Michael Yates Jr. was staying with a cousin when he offered to take neighborhood kids fishing, according to relatives.

He and two neighbors, ages 9 and 19, chose a location across the Halls Bayou from Forest Brook Middle School. That's where police say the suspect approached.

According to police reports, the initial conversation between the men was friendly. Then, the suspect pulled a gun and fatally shot Yates. The weapon then jammed, allowing the 19-year old and child to escape.

A motive had yet to be identified Monday evening.

Barbara Patt, the cousin with whom Yates was staying, recounted what she'd heard about the event.

"As they were leaving, one guy was in the front, the little boy in the middle, and my cousin was at the end," says Patt, who claims to have heard these details directly from the 19-year old who survived the encounter.

"As they were walking [the suspect] shot him in the back of the head, The little boy took off running. The other guy turned and said, 'why did you do that?' [The gunman] said 'shut up, get down,' That's when he ordered [the 19-year old] down to the ground. He clicked the gun a couple times, it jammed, then he took off running."

The incident occurred near the corner of Bretshire Drive and Cheeves Drive. Patt, who lives in the neighborhood, says gunfire is not an uncommon sound in that community.

Houston Police had not taken anyone into custody as of Monday early evening.

The suspect is described as a young Hispanic male, 18-19 years old, with a long black ponytail.

Anyone with information on this incident is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.