'It's Time!" Mariah Carey says Christmas season has begun

Too early to start playing Christmas? Not according to singer Mariah Carey.

Carey took to Twitter and posted "Breaking news" with a snowflake emoji along with a video of herself in her Halloween costume in bed at 11:59 p.m. She yawns and then when the clock on her phone changes over to 12:00 Friday, November 1 she gets a call from Santa.

The ringtone for the call has a familiar sound to it (it's the beginning notes to her iconic holiday song "All I Want For Christmas") and she answers the call in her holiday pajamas. 

When she picks up the phone you can hear Santa on the other end saying "ho, ho, ho" to which Carey sings, "It's time!" and then screams in excitement as the chorus to "All I Want For Christmas" plays.

Carey's tweet got more than 100,000 likes and about 46,000 retweets in the first five hours it was posted.

What do you think? Is November 1 too early for Christmas music?