Inside Beyonce's childhood home in the Third Ward

One home in Third Ward gets a lot of visitors at all hours of the night.  It's not because of "who lives inside but the house itself."  Tucked inside Third ward is a street called Parkwood Drive.

"It's just this nice little hidden secret. We are just one block from McGregor, and we don't hear any traffic."  Roslyn Bazzelle Mitchell is a Houston native and says she's heard about the area since she was a little girl.

"A lot of the homes in River Oaks were built and created by architects that made the homes in this neighborhood, so you see alot of the same designs. It is really awesome to see the history and beauty of the homes," Roslyn added.

"I love the stories behind some of the homes especially when it transitioned from a more Jewish neighborhood to an African-American neighborhood....It is not really noisy. It's just perfect." Roslyn continued.

That's because the house she lives in is the home, once occupied by the Knowles family. It's Beyonce's childhood home.  "At first, we didn't realize or we weren't aware that people would just show up at all hours of the night but hey as long as they are not trying to come in. Some people ask me if its a museum. No people live here."

The house was built in 1935. many renovations have been made since then but some features like the wood floors and iconic fire place. Although these changes have been made, the foundation remains the same for Beyonce.

Roslyn actually met Beyonce a couple of weeks ago at a charity function in Los Angeles.  "I said, 'Hi Beyonce i'm Roslyn, and I live in your childhood home on Parkwood. She turned around, and she said, 'Oh my goodness i have always wanted to ring the doorbell. My sister told me she came by and there's a nice black family who lived in the house, so we are really happy about that.'" 

The Mitchells' are kind enough to have a Beyonce cut out for fans to take pictures with! But fans have to remember it's not a museum, it's the Mitchell's home. "Hopefully we are here for the long run."