Indonesian newlyweds accused of murdering her alleged rapist

LAMPUNG, Indonesia (AP) — Two Indonesian newlyweds have been arrested on accusations they plotted to kill a man the woman said had raped her a week before her marriage, and police said Tuesday the couple ate the victim's genitals after the man was killed.

Lampung police spokeswoman Lt. Col. Sulistyaningsih said Rudi Effendi and his wife Nuriah were being held for further investigation after their arrests Sunday at their house in Tulang Bawang district in Sumatra's Lampung province.

Sulistyaningsih, who uses one name, said police found the victim's body in a burnt minivan Oct. 4. She said the monthlong investigation led to the conclusion that the couple had planned to kill the victim, who was a driver for a travel agency.

The couple had married in September and the husband found on the wedding night that his wife was no longer a virgin. She then said she had been raped one week before the marriage.

Police said Effendi, 30, asked his 20-year-old wife to arrange a meeting with the man she accused of raping her. Effendi stabbed the man to death and cut off his genitals before setting ablaze the car.

Effendi said he fried the severed genitals and ate them to cure his heartache over the rape.

Official charges have not been filed. Police said the couple could be charged with premeditated murder, which carries a maximum death penalty.