Independent autopsy reveals Jalen Randle, killed by HPD, was shot in back of neck

Attorneys representing the family of Jalen Randle are demanding justice after receiving new independent autopsy results. The 29-year-old was shot and killed by an officer with the Houston Police Department attempting to serve multiple felony warrants last month. 

Randle's parents broke down Wednesday, as the results of an independent autopsy revealed their son was shot in the back of his neck.

"I talked to Jalen one hour before all of this happened," said Tiffany Rachal, Randle's mother. "He said, 'I love you mama' and I told him I loved him back."

"I'm seeking justice for my son who no longer has a voice to speak," said Ronald Randle, Jalen's father.

Civil Rights attorney Ben Crump is representing the Randle family. 

"The presumed penetrating injury was to the cervical spinal cord and that there were no exit wounds," Crump said. "The bullet was lodged in his neck that caused his death. It also reveals that the bullet track was from back to front. I wanted to make sure there was an anatomical model so there was no question that he was shot from behind," Crump said. 

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Two weeks ago on April 27, officers from HPD's violent fugitives' team were tracking down Jalen Randle near Pleasantville in northeast Houston.

Police say Randle was wanted on at least three felony warrants including aggravated assault when he led officers on a chase.

Investigators say Randle eventually got out from the passenger's side of the car, holding a bag. Authorities said an HPD officer then shot at Randle, killing him.

Investigators later discovered a gun in Randle's bag, but say he never discharged the weapon.

Randle's family, now demanding HPD release the body cam video.

"He has due process just like any other American citizen and he has a right to be judged in a courtroom, not by police being the judge, and the jury, and the executioner," Crump said. 

HPD says its policy for body camera video to be released within 30 days of an incident.

The case remains under investigation through an internal review with the department and through the Harris County District Attorney's Office.