Identity theft victim turns to FOX 26 to get her clean criminal history back

Misty Boutwell says she’s never been to jail.

So imagine the 24-year-old woman's surprise when a friend told her otherwise.

“I didn’t know what he was talking about at first I was like are you kidding me,” Boutwell said. “That’s when I went and looked and I felt hurt she would do something like that.”

The “she” that was in the Liberty County Jail mugshot claiming to be Misty is Tara Lynn Blanton.

Someone Misty says she’s known since the 3rd grade.

According to court documents, Blanton got arrested for felony drug possession last June and told the cops her name was Misty Boutwell.

Blanton was released on a PR bond but failed to show up for court.

“I’ve had a warrant out for my arrest for months now,” Boutwell said. “I had no idea.”

And it gets worse. When Blanton was arrested last month for drug possession she claimed to be Angela Boutwell, Misty’s sister. Law officers figured out Blanton was lying so now she’s the one with three felony charges not Misty Boutwell.

But Misty says she was told she would have to pay to get her clean record back.

“They said I’m sorry ma'am there’s nothing we can do about it,” Boutwell said. "You have to contact a lawyer to get your name cleared.”

“I can’t afford a lawyer,” the mother of three said. “So you were my last hope.”

Cleveland Police Chief Darrel Broussard assures us Misty has nothing to worry about.

“I’ll  contact DPS where the records are located and help in any way possible,” Broussard said.