Ice-wreaking havoc on Houston-area drivers

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It hasn't been easy getting around the Houston area since streets were left frozen by falling temperatures, rain and sleet.  Although crews worked nearly around the clock clearing ice-covered roads, crashes have been reported all over.

”A car hit a taxi in the Kirby curve, a couple of accidents on North Main, a car slid and ran into another car,” describes one driver as her car is being towed away.

FOX 26 News caught drivers backing down slippery exit and entrance ramps.  The slick streets, especially icy overpasses, made for dangerous driving. In fact, the ice caused almost 2,000 crashes in Houston and Harris County.

”Accidents, people hitting guardrails, going too fast over the overpasses,” explains Kevin Scully, general manager of Apple Towing, That towing service answered hundreds of calls within a 24-hour period. “Wrecked out, stalled out, flat tires, jump starts,” Scully tells FOX 26 that wrecker drivers are seeing it all.

”Some people getting locked out of their vehicles, of course, because their locking mechanisms are freezing up,” adds Scully.  

Yvonne Winston heard about all the crunched up cars on the ice. Then she learned first-hand about the vehicles left drained in the cold with a key that turns but an engine that won't fire up.  

“Tried doing it (turning the ignition) again a couple times and it didn't start," explains Winston. "Yes and I'm waiting. I've been waiting.”

Most people are describing the Houston-area big freeze in one word. 

”Aggravating,” says Winston with a laugh. ”I'm at a point where if I could, I would pull hairs out of my head.”

If your vehicle was towed and you're not sure where it is, visit the City of Houston website