Hundreds of Menhaden fish die at Quintana Beach County Park

Officials share photo of hundreds fish at Quintana Beach County Park

Hundreds of Menhaden fish were found dead at Quintana Beach County Park in Brazoria County, officials said. 

According to county park officials, the fish died as a result of low dissolved oxygen. 

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Park officials said cooler water is capable of holding much more oxygen than warmer water, and fish that find themselves in warm water can end up in big trouble. When water temperature rises above 70 degrees Fahrenheit, it becomes hard for Menhaden to receive enough oxygen to survive. 

Officials added that the very calm seas, which has been experienced inshore for about three weeks, is another issue, along with cloudy skies in the area. 


Park officials said crews are beginning the removal process. However, the tide will need to recede several more feet before all the fish can be removed. There are still dead fish in the water, and washing in. 

Officials added it is not recommended to swim at this time as bacterial levels will be high, not to mention the sharp fins on the fish.