Huge tree falls through roof of Heights home during Halloween storms

Houston homeowners are waking up to the aftermath of dangerous Halloween storms. In a Heights neighborhood, a huge tree came crashing down through the roof of a man's home on Judiway Street. Neighbors say there's also an electric pole with a transformer leaning.

Heights homeowner, Charles Slawinski is now dealing with the roof damage after the strong Halloween storms. "I heard high winds....The wind was never like this before," said Slawinski.  Slawinski said that at 9:15 p.m., his neighbor told him that a tree was on his home.  "I have insurance. I hope they'll pay something. Her insurance company will not pay for the tree removal. My insurance company will not pay."  The tree caused significant damage to his home.

Slawinski said one of the most difficult things after last night's storms is the insurance issue.  "In today’s society, most companies that you pay insurance to--they just have all these limitations. It’s one thing after the other in today’s society. They won’t pay."