Huffman hit with flooding day after Imelda remnants swept through Houston-area

Dangerous flooding in northeast parts of Harris County continues to be a problem just one day after remnants of Imelda swept through the Houston-area. Dozens had to be rescued Friday morning in Huffman, one of the communities hardest hit by Hurricane Harvey in 2017.

Many in Huffman didn't began to have flooding problems until Friday morning, while many parts of the Houston area were hit the night before. 

"It just started coming in this morning. We just had a couple of inches and decided to go ahead and get out," Huffman resident Nicki Terry said.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office got a call about Huffman's flooding problems around 7:30 a.m. Friday morning.

Sgt. Albert Ashworth with the sheriff's office believes the Friday morning flooding is coming from Lou's Bayou.

Multiple agencies and good Samaritans worked together to rescue at least 50 people from their flooded homes.

Huffman is still recovering from 2017's Hurricane Harvey. 

"Everybody is devastated. All these homes just recently or in the process of being finished," Huffman resident Brian Dodson said.

At the time he spoke with FOX 26's Maria Salazar, Dodson hasn't been forced to leave his home. He tells us he is ready just in case the water continues to rise.

"Just preparing the best that we can just like we did last time and hopefully it doesn't get us," Dodson said.