How to survive mass shooting: Active shooter training expert weighs in after Allen, TX shooting

Survivors are recounting the moments a gunman opened fire at a busy outlet mall in Allen, Texas on Saturday. 

Mass shootings in random public spaces have become a grim reality in the U.S. From churches, schools, and grocery stores, to concerts, nightclubs, and now shopping centers. 

According to every town for gun safety a site that tracks mass shooting statistics, in 2022 alone, mass shootings killed more than 600 people and wounded at least 2700 others in our country.

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"Get down as quick to the floor, low profile, run as quick as possible," said Hanan Yadin with ISI training center. 

Yadin has more than 30 years of experience training civilians and law enforcement on how to respond in active shooter situations, FOX 26's Gabby Hart asked him the keys to surviving a mass shooter situation.

"Quickly assess the situation to see where the gunfire is coming from and of course, run away from the gunfire," Yadin said. 

However, what if the shooter is too close and escaping just isn't an option? 

"Immediately look for cover, cover is a place that can actually prevent a bullet to go through. Maybe concealment, they will not see you, but keep in mind concealment is different than cover; cover will stop bullets and concealment will not stop bullets," Yadin advised.


And if you find yourself with no place to run, hide or take cover, Yadin says you don't cower, you fight and you fight for your life. 

He also says nothing beats training; in order to respond in a timely and effective manner when an active shooting is happening you need to train for it.

Yadin says another critical component to surviving a mass shooting is situational awareness, which means knowing where the exits are when you walk in somewhere and paying close attention to what is happening around you at all times.