How Houston stacks up against Atlanta in various studies, reports

(LEFT) Houston city skyline, Houston, USA. (Photo by: Loop Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images) (RIGHT) ATLANTA - JULY 28: Downtown Atlanta skyline, photographed from the Jackson Street bridge in Atlanta, Georgia on July 28, 2019. (Photo B

As the epic 2021 World Series battle between the Houston Astros and the Atlanta Braves wages on, it’s tempting to see how both cities stack up against one another in various ways, like who has the most diversity, and which city is most pet-friendly and vegan-friendly. 

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These studies, conducted by WalletHub, compare some of the largest cities in the U.S., as of 2021. 

Below is a list of 10 things both cities are better than the other in, respectively:

Healthiest City: Atlanta

Least Stressed: Houston

Best City for Jobs: Atlanta

Hardest Working City: Houston

Most Pet-Friendly: Atlanta

Most Diverse: Houston

Best City for Gamers: Atlanta

Best City for Renters: Houston

Best City for Vegans, Vegetarians: Atlanta

Best City for People with Disabilities: Houston

Also, if you were wondering, which city has the worst traffic, Houston takes the cake once again! 

For more reports by WalletHub, visit their website.