Houston throuple gives FOX 26 exclusive glimpse into their polyamorous lifestyle

Meet Bolo, a Houston native who lives life on his own terms. 

"I just picked up one day and said I'm a king, and I feel that every king should have multiple women," Bolo told FOX 26. 

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Behind the walls of his southeast Houston home, nothing is traditional. And where you find Bolo, you can find his two girlfriends, Coco Chanel & Big Yella. 

"It's a saying in the Bible where every man and woman shall seek the truth for themselves, your mom and dad may not like it, but it says you have to seek the truth for yourself," Bolo said. 

FOX 26 News Reporter Gabby Hart asked the trio is there was ever any jealousy between the women sharing their man.

"No, I liked her from the beginning, that's what brought her in," Big Yella replied. 

Bolo and Big Yella first met about five years ago, he was already married and decided to become polyamorous. His now ex-wife chose to leave the situation, but later on Bolo and Big Yella met CoCo Chanel. 

"It's really like a sister relationship, like I always want Yella around, I really love Yella, just like I love Bolo," Coco said. 

The trio now lives together; all three of them sleep in the same bed, and both of them share children with Bolo as well. 

"I tell people all the time, they have to get along with each other, they have to like and respect each other outside the guy. It's not going to work if it's just all about the guy," Bolo advised.

This trio doesn't just sleep, eat and raise kids together, they also make money together.

"I created EMC, Easy Money Camp, because I wanted to get a group of people where we can all make easy money together legally. A lot of people think that Bolo is a pimp. Bolo is not a pimp, my girls don't do no selling unless it's hair, nails, waist trainers, and things in that category," Bolo said while looking directly into the camera. 

Under the Easy Money Camp umbrella, they run and own numerous businesses; from EMC lawn care and security services to sprinter rentals, clothing, and a luxury wig shop boutique in Dallas called Real Hair

Their lifestyle has attracted a lot of interest, more than 200,000 people follow Bolo's day-to-day life on Instagram. Easy Money Camp FAMILY (@emc_bolo) • Instagram photos and videos

"I'm doing better than most men are doing with one woman. They both have hellcats, they both have their own bank accounts, and they're both running their own show in their own way," Bolo said. 

We pulled in a well-known Houston relationship and intimacy therapist, Dr. Viviana Coles. 

"There is no cookie-cutter way to what the right kind of relationship looks like," Coles said. 

She also says polyamory is becoming less taboo to talk about in this day and age, and she talked with FOX 26 about the pros and cons. 

"It doesn't come without a lot of complex challenges. If you already struggle with communication, verbal communication, sexual communication, or honest communication, then polyamory isn't going to be something that suits you well," Coles advised. 

She shared that she sees more couples coming into her office after failed polyamory attempts, and she suggests any couple looking to open their relationship should seek therapy beforehand to make sure it's right for them.

"You must be able to have ‘compersion;’ ‘compersion’ is a term that encompasses the idea that you experience pleasure vicariously when the person that you love, and the person that you are sexually involved with, experiences pleasure with somebody else," Coles said. 


She went on to say, that with the right communication and mindset, polyamorous relationships can be long-lasting.

"If people are able to turn something that would normally break up a family, into something that works for them and that is more cohesive, I'm a big fan of that," Coles said. 

As for Bolo, Coco Chanel, and Big Yella, they say for them, it's been smooth sailing, and they plan to continue living happily ever after, in polyamory. 

"I think there's a lot of men out here that want this, and you'll never know unless you ask. You have to actually say it, that keeps you from being in a 5-year relationship then you get caught cheating, and that 5-years goes down the drain," said Bolo. 

If you would like to follow this trios journey, you can find their Instagram pages below: 

Bolo-- Easy Money Camp FAMILY (@emc_bolo) • Instagram photos and videos

Big Yella -- Big Yella (@emc.bigyella) • Instagram photos and videos

Coco Chanel: MrsCocochanel