Houston teacher raps to motivate, encourage students during pandemic

Remember the days when a teacher would encourage the class with the promise of an end of year pizza party? Well, that was long before the pandemic and virtual schooling.

In this Positively Houston, teachers are having to update their means of motivation.

"I'm a teacher just trying to reach ya. Let me jump on this little feature,” raps 4th grade teacher Tiffany Spurlock.

Seeing her online video may make you ask, ‘Is she a musician?' 'An up-and-coming rapper?'


It's Landis Elementary math and science teacher Miss Spurlock who's rocking the mic for her students.


"Just so they can see it, enjoy it and be inspired. Like hey, your teacher's not the greatest rapper but look I'm trying. So you can try math. So that was my goal."

Not only has Spurlock's ways of inspiring students transformed recently to include technology. Teaching has also morphed into more class participation as many students are still learning virtually from home.

"I spend a lot of time just trying to keep something normal but also trying to have something fun."

As so many people fight off pandemic fatigue and adjust to a new normal, this veteran educator is getting creative, continuing to reinvent herself, even rapping to reach her students.

“Our school theme is one day at a time and my theme at home is too. Well, we didn't get to it. Oh well. One day at a time."

One day at a time is probably a good theme for all of us. This rapping teacher also spends plenty of time tutoring students and she has three kids of her own, two in college, one in high school.

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