Houston ranked 3rd in list of most mosquito-infested cities

Texans know that mosquitos are no joke, and few may know that as well as people from Houston.

According to a new ranking of the top 50 US cities most infested with mosquitoes, Houston comes in third.

Terminix, a termite and pest control company, ranked cities based on the number of services rendered in each city in the last year.

Houston came in third in the United States and second in Texas, behind Los Angeles and the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Texas had the most cities on the list – six. Florida was second with five cities in the top 50.

The full list of the top 50 cities is:

1. Los Angeles                                  

2. Dallas-Fort Worth                                       

3. Houston                                         

4. New York                                       

5. Washington, D.C.                                       

6. Atlanta                                           

7. Philadelphia                 

8. Memphis, Tenn.                                         

9. Baltimore                                      

10. Chicago                        

11. Miami                                           

12. San Francisco                                             

13. Boston                         

14. Orlando, Fla.                                              

15. Nashville, Tenn.                                        

16. Tampa, Fla.                                 

17. San Antonio                               

18. Phoenix                                       

19. Austin, Texas                                             

20. Oklahoma City                                           

21. Little Rock, Ark.                                        

22. Mobile, Ala.                                

23. Indianapolis                               

24. Detroit                                         

25. Cincinnati
26. Fresno, Calif.

27. St. Louis

28. West Palm Beach, Fla.

29. San Diego

30. Sacramento, Calif.

31. Louisville, Ky.

32. Jacksonville, Fla.

33. Columbus, Ohio

34. Tulsa, Okla.

35. Shreveport, La.

36. Kansas City, Mo.

37. Jackson, Miss.

38. Cleveland

39. Tyler-Longview, Texas

40. Birmingham, Ala.

41. Fort Smith, Ark.

42. Montgomery, Ala.

43. Baton Rouge, La.

44. Chattanooga, Tenn.

45. Honolulu

46. Richmond, Va.

47. Corpus Christi, Texas

48. Paducah, Ky.

49. Milwaukee

50. Denver

Mosquitos can spread disease. To reduce the population of mosquitos, Terminix suggests homeowners keep laws trimmed and free of debris, regularly empty items that hold water, keep gutters clean, and use fans to keep mosquitos away from outdoor seating areas.