Houston prepares for its first arctic blast of the season

As we wait for that first push of really cold air, some are already preparing their homes for the forecasted freeze.

Temperatures are expected to dip into the 20's as we head into the New Year and yes, while we've seen it before, it's easy to forget to protect those outdoor pipes and even plants.

Here's a quick tip: Remember the 4 P's...People, Plants, Pipes and Pets.

Snow has already fallen in Houston, one of the earliest on record, and now it's time to prepare for an arctic blast

Shopping carts being loaded up with cold weather supplies at Home Depot.

"This is pipe busting weather so if you don't have protection on the pipes, it's likely to break," said Aaron Kurka who works for Home Depot.

The pipes at risk the most are those outside. Turning the water supply off for an outdoor sprinkler and draining those pipelines will guarantee those fragile lines don't bust. Then there are the outdoor faucets. According to Kurka, the hard outdoor faucet covers, that retail for about $3, are pretty popular.

Insulation is key not just for the pipes, but plants too.

"The best thing to cover plants with is going to be cloth, not plastic," said Kurka.

"We're going to cover the plants and also open the cabinets at night that way to get the warm air," said Ginger Garcia who was at Home Depot picking up supplies ahead of this freezing weather.

And for Greg Pratka, he's not taking any chances buying outdoor faucet covers for not only his home but three others.

"I've been burning more firewood this year, there you go, so yeah it's been colder," said Pratka.

If you have pets, bring them inside. Also, don't forget to check on the elderly since this cold weather could last for a couple of nights.

For about $30, Kurka said, you'll be ready to weather this cold weather.