Houston officer-involved shooting on Lansdale Drive

A man is in custody after allegedly struggling with Houston police, fleeing through apartment complexes and robbing a woman at gunpoint on Wednesday morning.

Police say an officer fired at least one shot during the incident, but no one was struck by the gunfire.

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The incident occurred in southwest Houston, but police say it stemmed from a pursuit earlier this month.

On May 1, police say an officer saw a white BMW driving recklessly and tried to initiate a traffic stop, but instead a pursuit ensued.

The Houston Police Department investigates an officer-involved shooting.

During the chase, police say the driver of the BMW was so reckless that the officer had to end the pursuit.

The investigation continued, and on Wednesday, police say the vehicle was located in the 9400 block of West Sam Houston Parkway South.

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The officers, who had a warrant to seize the vehicle, approached and notified the driver of what was happening, police say. The driver reportedly had his 5-year-old daughter in the vehicle.

Police say the suspect initially complied, getting his daughter out of the vehicle and placing her by the curb. However, police say he suddenly reached back into the vehicle despite officers asking him not to get back in the car because it hadn’t been searched for weapons.

Police say an officer and the suspect struggled, and then the other officer came over and tried to get control of the suspect.

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According to police, the suspect shoved one of the officers – a sergeant – to the ground.

The investigation is still in the preliminary stages, but police say the other officer, believing the suspect may have had a weapon, discharged her weapon at least one time.

The suspect then fled. Police say he ran to a second apartment complex nearby where he robbed a woman at gunpoint and took her cellphone. He then continued to run.

Police locked down the perimeter and were later able to take the suspect into custody in a neighborhood in the 10100 block of Finchwood Lane.

His identity has not been released, but police say the 30-year-old is a convicted felon with an extensive criminal history.

Police say a search of the car revealed a semi-automatic pistol with an extended magazine and narcotics.

The child was uninjured and released to her mother.

The investigation is still ongoing. Per policy, multiple agencies are investigating the officer-involved shooting, and the robbery division is also investigating. The officers have

Police say they are still searching for a second pistol and ask anyone who finds it to call them.