Houston monkey rescue: Video shows HPD, BARC get monkey out from under truck

It was a very unusual call for authorities on Monday night. Houston police officers and BARC helped get a monkey out from the undercarriage of a pickup truck.

The incident was reported around 9:15 p.m. in the 9800 block of Telephone Road.

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Police responded to a report of an animal bite, and people at the scene directed them to a vehicle.

Police say they looked underneath and saw a monkey hanging from the axle of the truck. The monkey looked to be in rough shape and may have been attacked by a dog, police say.

A monkey was rescued from under a truck in Houston.

Officers decided to call BARC to coax the monkey out.

"Me and my partner, we were talking about possibly getting the monkey out ourselves. But due to him already biting somebody, we didn’t want anything further to happen. So we just let the experts take care of that part," said HPD Officer Jesse Rodriguez.

A monkey was rescued from under a truck in Houston.

Police say the monkey is believed to belong to a neighbor nearby, but they weren’t able to get in contact with the owner at the time.

It's unclear if anyone was injured.