Houston man raps about robbing ATM's on YouTube, later arrested after allegedly robbing an ATM

A Houston YouTuber, who raps about robbing ATMs out of state, was arrested this week for allegedly robbing an ATM technician in Tennessee. 

According to Nashville Police, Darius Dugas, 27, Sashondre Dugas, 32, Christopher Alton, 27, and Ladesion Riley, 30, were all arrested after checking out of a motel in Dickson, TN.

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Riley, who uses a stage name on YouTube, recently shared a music video called "Make it Home". In the video, Riley raps about frequently robbing ATMs out of state. The lyrics describe having thousands of dollars in their vehicle, praying to avoid the chase, and to make it home.

"If you’re going to rap about it, then turn around and be about it and get caught, that’s on you," said Douglas Griffith, President of the Houston Police Officers’ Union. "You shouldn’t do stupid crap, and you definitely shouldn’t violate the law and talk about it."

Authorities say the four Texans approached an ATM technician from behind and told him to not do anything stupid and to hand over the money. Later that day, Nashville Police, Dickson Police, the Tennessee Highway Patrol, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Violent Crimes Task Force, tracked down and arrested the four individuals.


Online criminal records reveal at least two of the suspects were out of jail on felony bonds and had been previously arrested several times.

"Convicted felons doing their music videos with guns," said Griffith. "How dumb is that? That right there is enough for them to get charged again."

Riley’s stage name involves the words "Jug God." It’s unknown, but this could be in reference to jugging. Jugging is when burglars follow unsuspecting victims home from banks, malls, or restaurants to steal.

"They want to glorify the fact that they’re criminals," said Griffith. "That saddens me because we have all of these kids watching this, and they’re glorifying it, and these kids look up to them. It’s dumb. These guys are dumb. They deserve to be tossed into jail just for being dumb."


All four of the Texans face federal charges. The FBI is now investigating to determine if they committed similar robberies before.