Houston man in jail for several burglaries, 'repeat offender' with 63 arrests in Texas, 54 in Harris County

A Houston man was arrested and facing burglary charges tied to multiple businesses in the Midtown and Downtown areas.

HPD announced that 45-year-old Reginald Jones is a repeat offender and has been arrested 63 times in Texas - 54 times alone in Harris County. The earliest arrest dates back to 1997, according to Detective Bernard Ng.

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Jones faces two counts of burglary tied to two particular businesses in the Downtown area.

Multiple burglaries were reported at the Reserve 101 Bar on Caroline Street between Dec. 6 and 31, 2022, with a total of $16,400 in loses.

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The Rustic, a popular restaurant off Polk Street, reported incidents on Dec. 9, 2022, Jan. 13, and Jan. 18. Owners there reported over $5,000 in property losses. All of the burglaries happened between midnight and 6 a.m.

Reginald Van Jones

Reginald Van Jones

"We had good evidence...they were able to provide very good video," says Ng. "They were high definition, and the locations were well lit."

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Jones now faces felony charges.

Ng said detectives are also investigating several break-ins at other locations, including Fabian's Nightclub on Main Street.

The commander of the Property & Financial Crimes Division reminded the public about tips that could help to prevent burglaries or solve crimes investigated by the department. You can find the full list of tips, which are required under the city's security camera ordinance, here.

You can also find additional information at HoustonBurglarAlarmPermits.org