Houston man in jail after allegedly biting 10-year-old boy's neck 'like a vampire'

Colton Tyler Ryan, 27, is accused of engaging in disturbing behavior towards a 10-year-old child. 

According to court documents presented in probable cause court, Ryan allegedly installed the Facebook Messenger app on the child's phone without the mother's permission. 

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The documents also mentioned Ryan initiated communication with the child at all hours of the day and night, with the intention of meeting the young boy in person. This raised alarm bells for both the child and his mother, who reported seeing Ryan lurking around their apartment complex and circling the building, all in an effort to meet the child.

27-year-old Colton Tyler Ryan has been charged with a third degree felony offense of injuring a minor. (HCSO photo)

It's also reported Ryan singled out the young boy while he was playing with friends and took him to the apartment's gym bathroom to take a photograph together. 

The boy reported that Ryan raised his voice, forcing the child to take a photo with him. He also said that Ryan caused physical harm by sucking on the child's neck and biting it "like a vampire."

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Ryan now faces a third-degree felony offense for injuring a minor. Currently, Ryan is being held in jail on a $50,000 bond. His bond conditions have been set to include strict measures to protect the child and prevent further incidents.

These conditions require Ryan to have no contact with the child and also prohibit him from interacting with any minors, whether in person or online.