Houston has the lowest rise in inflation compared to some metropolitan cities, new survey finds

While inflation continues to dominate headlines and affect the country, a recent survey found Houston has the lowest rise compared to some other metropolitan cities. 

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The study by WalletHub compared 22 major metropolitan cities across two key metrics related to the Consumer Price Index, which measures inflation, to look at where inflation is rising the most.

Bear in mind, the study examined research for the latest month for which data is available two months prior and one year prior to getting a snapshot of how inflation has changed in the short and long term.

Its findings still determined Houston to be ranked very last where inflation has risen the most. Meanwhile, places like Phoenix and Miami were found to be the top two places where inflation has seen the biggest increase. 

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Houston actually had the lowest Consumer Price Index Change in the latest month, compared to two months prior, while it ranked somewhere in the middle compared to a year prior. 

To see the entire report by WalletHub in full detail, visit their website.