Houston doctor tells his side in on-going nasty divorce with ex-beauty queen

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“I want to clear my name,” said Dr. Alex Lechin. Lechin says he wants to set the record straight.

This is what his estranged wife Carmen told us while discussing an airplane flight that left her facing serious criminal charges.

“I was assaulted in that airplane,” Carmen Lechin said. “The assault started by my husband when he slapped me.”

“I’ve never hit my wife, assaulted my wife injured my wife,” Lechin said.

A federal jury recently found the former beauty queen not guilty.

“I am extremely happy that she was found not guilty,” Lechin said. “Extremely happy.” But not happily married.

Alex and Carmen are now waging a very public war against each other. The couple married in 1988 had three children and for many years lived a life most people only dream of. Not anymore. In fact they’ve accused each other of just about everything under the sun in public documents.

“She started drinking had some mental issues, mental health issues,” Lechin said.

Love didn’t just go bad for the couple. It turned twisted and toxic according to numerous reports police reports both sides showed us.

“She was found and pled guilty to DUI to resisting arrest and to assaulting me,” Lechin said.

Several of the police reports accuse both of being intoxicated and belligerent. Sometimes their children found themselves right in the middle of the liquor fueled finger pointing.

“Yes it sucks our private matters are out in the open but it’s just another stepping stone I guess to having peace in our family right now,’ said Alexandria the couple’s oldest daughter.

Carmen’s attorney sent us this response, “These allegations fit with the pattern of lies and other methods that abusers use to distract and conceal the truth.”

The couple’s divorce is scheduled for trial next year.