Houston crime: Two more suspects await trial in Galleria shooting case, shooter sentenced to 60 years

In a decisive resolution to a high-profile case, a 22-year-old suspect has pleaded guilty to dual counts of homicide in connection to the tragic 2021 double murder at a Galleria-area establishment. The plea agreement, resulting in a 60-year imprisonment term, was confirmed by Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg.

F. Jackson 

The incident claimed the lives of Everett Briscoe, a member of the New Orleans Police Department, and his companion Dyrin Riculfy. The victims were fatally shot during an apparent robbery attempt while patronizing the Grotto Ristorante located at 4715 Westheimer on August 21, 2021

BACKGROUND: Off-duty New Orleans PD officer killed outside Galleria-area restaurant, gunmen still on the loose

Frederick D. Jackson, hailing from San Antonio, confessed to the killings perpetrated alongside another armed individual. The assailants, brandishing firearms, accosted the restaurant's patio patrons, instigating a lethal confrontation. A third accomplice remained stationed nearby in a vehicle, orchestrating the criminal endeavor.

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The brazen daylight assault, unfolding at an upscale dining venue, sent shockwaves throughout the Houston community and garnered widespread media attention. The investigation was diligently pursued by the Houston Police Department.

Assistant District Attorney Keaton Forcht, in collaboration with Cameron Calligan, spearheaded prosecution efforts within the Major Offenders Division and Organized Crime Division of the DA's Office, respectively.


Jackson's imminent trial proceedings were forestalled by his decision to accept the plea agreement. Subsequently, the defendant is slated to appear in court for victim impact statements from the bereaved families, who are expected to journey to Houston for the occasion.

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Forcht underscored the significance of Jackson's admission of guilt and subsequent incarceration, echoing the sentiments of the victims' families. The stipulations of the plea agreement preclude any avenue for appeal, ensuring a minimum incarceration period of 30 years before parole eligibility, effectively mirroring a life sentence.

The legal saga is not concluded, as two additional suspects, 24-year-old Anthony Rayshard Jenkins and 21-year-old Khalil Nelson, are poised to face trial in connection to the shooting.