Houston crime: Third suspect apprehended in deadly gas station shooting after hospital release

A man is behind bars after being released from the hospital following an attempted robbery that led to a shooting. 

Travante Marques Purvis (Courtesy of Houston Police Department)

Travante Marques Purvis, 22, faces charges of capital murder in connection with 30-year-old Andrew Garza, who was tragically shot and killed.

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Authorities say the incident occurred at approximately 6:30 a.m. when Garza and his uncle stopped at Sunny's Express gas station in north Houston on their commute to work. Reports suggest that while at the station, they were confronted by three individuals—Christian Barrera, 19, Fernando Aguilar Jr., and Travante Purvis—in an attempted armed robbery. Allegedly, in an act of self-defense, Garza's uncle retaliated, leading to an exchange of gunfire. During the altercation, Purvis sustained injuries and was subsequently hospitalized, while Garza was fatally shot multiple times.


 Purvis has been booked into the county jail, with bond details to be determined by the magistrate.