Houston crime: 1 dead following drug deal in Houston Wells Fargo parking lot

An afternoon shooting in a Houston parking lot ended with one person dead and authorities investigating. 

The shooting occurred in the parking lot of the 300 block of Stafford Street.

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Stafford Street shooting scene

Houston Police Department Chief Troy Finner said a 25 to 30-year-old Black male was found lying in the parking lot with apparent gunshot wounds. 

Finner said a DPS Trooper, who was working in the area on a different operation, was the first to the scene to locate the victim and performed first-aid on the victim. 

However, the victim, was pronounced dead on the scene. 

Finner said investigators believe that the shooting was a result of a drug transaction that went bad. 

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Finner stated that two suspects ran off southbound from the initial shooting scene, and one of the believed suspects involved was located at a nearby hospital. 

During a briefing on Tuesday afternoon, Finner addressed young males, "Make better choices. Actions that you take, don't let it be an action that leads you to getting shot, or getting hurt, or getting killed out here. There's alot of jobs out here. I encourage each and every one of you there's help out there. Get a job, you don't have to engage in criminal activity selling drugs."

Authorities are going through nearby business surveillance video for additional evidence. 

None of the businesses in the area were said to be involved.