Houston couple returns after being quarantined in San Antonio for the coronavirus

A Houston area couple is finally home tonight after being held in quarantine for a month.

The couple tested negative twice for coronavirus before being released from a San Antonio airbase. David and Terri Feil were passengers aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship where over 700 people became infected with coronavirus. They boarded the ship on January 5 for a month-long cruise through Asia, but 29 days into the trip they got the news that things were starting to go wrong.

“Our room steward opened our door, and put our luggage back inside, and we said what’s going on? And he said you’re not leaving,” says Terri.

The Feils were told they had to stay inside their room for days when it was found that passengers on the Diamond Princess contracted the coronavirus. It was about two weeks before they were allowed to board a plane from Japan to the Lackland Air Force base in San Antonio. There they would be quarantined a second time.

“You don’t want to infect people, I mean we have a family to think about, and no we did not want to infect our family,” says Terri. Paranoid about having the contracted the coronavirus while aboard the Diamond Princess, the Feil’s volunteered to be tested twice. Once while on the ship, and then again in San Antonio.

“We want to know if we are positive. So let’s volunteer to test again, and then we tested again on the 22, got the results like on the 25th, 27th, so we had two negatives," David tells FOX 26. 

The couple says it was mentally tough to stay locked in their rooms, with minimal time outside.

“We could go outside And get fresh air and exercise, but we had to wear a mask, and they told us do not to get any closer to anybody than 6 feet," said Terri.

She tells us that she and her husband still have a love for cruising, and plan on another trip in April.

While their story has a happy ending, in Harris County we are still awaiting the results of an employee from Rice University, who has been self-quarantined. Harris County officials are waiting for the results to come back from the CDC in Atlanta for the staff member from Rice University. We are told we should find out if they are positive or negative in the next 24-48 hours.

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