Houston-area teen severely injured by sparkler bomb

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A Houston-area teen is suffering in a hospital on this Independence Day after a "sparkler bomb" exploded on him.

15-year-old Rowdy Radford had part of his left leg and several fingers amputated, and could go blind after the fireworks accident Saturday night at his aunt's house in Sargent, Texas.

Rowdy has severe burns all over his body, including his face. He also suffered a broken elbow and wrist.

"Sparkler bombs" are popular among kids and teens.

They consist of sparklers tied together with tape, and when lit make a loud boom.

Rowdy's family say it's something he's always done.

"We always thought it was something innocent. Something that couldn't go wrong," said his aunt Samantha Hansen.

On Saturday night, Rowdy tied together nearly 200 metal sparklers. As soon as he lit them, they exploded on him.

The explosion was so loud neighbors reported hearing it from four miles away.

Rowdy was taken by Life Flight to Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital where he remains sedated.

"I just want this out. I want everybody to see this so they'll know -- don't let their kids do this," Rowdy's mom Wendy Smith told FOX 26. "It's not worth it."

Rowdy's family created a GoFundMe account. If you would like to donate, click here.