Houston area members of Congress react to Trump's Afghanistan speech

As President Donald Trump doubled down on the conflict critics call the "forever war", the additional troops and re-articulated focus on preempting terrorism drew support from Texas Republicans in Congress.

"Lets fight them over there. Let's defeat them over there and keep them at bay. i think if we fold up shop there and pack our bags and go home we are going to wind up with more terror here domestically," said Rep. Brian Babin whose District stretches to East Harris County.

"We learned after Iraq, the situation was stable, but we pulled out for political reasons, because of promises made on the campaign trail. That place fell apart, it's still falling apart. Mr. Trump said, I won't make that same mistake. Let's stay here and keep this country stable. Not overwhelming force but enough people, so it doesn't happen like it happened in Iraq," added Rep. Pete Olson, a Republican and former U.S. Navy officer.

But many Democrats and more than a few in the GOP are leery of investing more lives, time and treasure into an ongoing quagmire with a resilient enemy and no clear endgame.

"This is going to be the resurgence of a war and I do believe Congress needs debate - and new authorization to use force," said Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, a Democrat who contends President Trump needs the support of allies to succeed in Afghanistan.

"I would love to be able to say that 4,000 troops would help. I am not so sure of that," said Democrat Rep. Gene Green.

It was just a few years ago that than citizen Trump said the U.S. should abandon Afghanistan. The President says knowledge gained while in office has persuaded him to maintain a strong presence that will extend the war beyond well beyond 16 years.