HISD opts not to renew contract with Aramark food services

A major shake up at HISD comes as the school district cuts ties with a contractor after 20 years. District leaders have decided to end a two decade partnership with Aramark, the company that ran Houston’s school meal program.

HISD did not release why they've have decided not to renew its contract with Aramark. However, cafeteria workers have complained to the district about the quality of food for years.

HISD stands to save $6 million gross each year, but there are some who say HISD will never be able to do what Aramark did. HISD officials say they are prepared to continue their own food service program.

Meanwhile, Aramark issued a statement saying they have enjoyed their successful and award winning partnership with HISD. That statement went on to say their company was brought in because an audit showed HISD’s own food services program was dysfunctional.