HISD high school student struck and killed by train

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A sad day for the family and friends of a HISD high school student who was struck by a train in Northwest Houston.  Somehow the boy got caught on the tracks and his body was thrown from a bridge near West 34th and TC Jester.

A heart wrenching day for the 16 year old boy's mother and family members. On the other side of caution tape was her son's body after somehow ending up under a moving train. We have not been given his name.

"The train wasn't moving and I saw a man get out of a vehicle and ran really fast to the track and after sitting there for awhile I was told a 14 year old student at Waltrip had been killed," Donna Newsome said.

It happened around 8:45 Wednesday morning. Police say he was 16 years old. They say he was with other students at the time who were in their way to Waltrip High School. Students were upset by the news.

"I was shocked and they say he was a 9th grader so I was sad. Still don't know who the kid was but we want to know who it was in case I knew him or something," Jessica Valdes said.

"Anything can happen you know. It could have been us. It could have been anybody ...it's kinda upsetting," Adrian Amaro said.

Police did not go on camera with information but neighbor's say the kids often jump the tracks. They say this is a sad and horrifying wake up call.

HISD released this statement: