High winds from Sunday storms cause damage north of Houston

Cleanup efforts are underway for communities impacted by Sunday's severe storms north of Houston. A radar confirmed a tornado crossed over Interstate 45 near Huntsville. 

"We kind of call this tornado alley down through here," said Suzi Woods, a property owner near Huntsville. 

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The storm unleashed powerful winds that tore apart a storage shed and hurled part of the building near I-45. 

"Got into the structure over here and ripped it pretty much in two and dumped it out on the feeder road," said Constable Gene Bartee of Precinct 4 in Walker County. 

"It’s this whole side on this side and the back. It’s a lot of metal to be cleaned up. I do know that," said Woods.  

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Only a single power line prevented the storm-damaged structure from crashing onto the freeway. 

"Tore down the power lines in the process, so these people are without power right now," said Bartee. 

The landowner shared that her tenant watched in shock as the storm hit the property. 

"My renter, that was in the trailer there, she had three kids in there. She said she couldn’t hardly hold the door shut, and she said she kind of saw it when it sat down between the trailer and the barn here. She saw everything rip off," said Woods. 

The storm is a reminder to be prepared and aware during inclement weather. 

"Everybody just try to be safe, and it can happen, and it doesn’t take but just a second for it to happen," said Woods.