High water rescue along Buffalo Bayou early Sunday morning

The Houston Fire Department made at least two high water rescues in the downtown area last night.

One rescue was along Buffalo Bayou near the Downtown Aquarium,  FD got a call that a homeless person woke up, surrounded by deep water and needed help getting out. Ccrews responded quickly. They put their boats in the water and got to the man.

One of the fire captains told us, "They never could see him. We launched the boat here and traveled back upstream until we could locate him.  He was in waist deep water with the bayou on one side and a little bit deeper going back towards the shoreline. He decided to stay there. They heard him screaming for help. Luckily they got to him, put a life vest on him and got him in a boat. He wasn't from Houston, so he didn't know how quickly the water was going to rise."

The good news is, Buffalo Bayou is cresting and so hopefully this water will start to recede soon