Heavy rain sends tree crashing through house

The rain has turned into quite a mess for a woman in Dickinson who is still cleaning up after a tree came crashing through her house. 

"I heard a loud bang -- the house shook," explains Ashley and just like that, the severely-saturated sod gave out and a tree in Ashley's backyard broke through the roof of her home, releasing reams of rain into a back room.

"The tree is in my house," says Ashley. "It is through my attic. There's rain water coming into my den and right now, we have ice chests containing all the rain water. The floors and the wood paneling is wet."

The Houston-area rain reached far and wide. Fortunately, the damage did not.

Some FOX 26 Houston Facebook friends are sharing snapshots of the soggy system that showered the area.  

Spots of high water is what Amanda Lewis saw in the Houston Heights on her way to church. 

In Freeport, Minnie Galindo got a picture of yet another tree taken out by the rain. 

Roy Martinez says the rain was relentless in Rosharon.

Steve Black in Liverpool posts that he was hard pressed to find a puddle to play in.   

Meanwhile, Ashley in Dickinson says the worst part of all this is she was live on the news without makeup and after severe sleep deprivation and "Someone will probably remix my interview with autotunes and it will go viral".  She may have lost some sleep. She certainly hasn't lost her sense of humor.

"I already had my crying moment, so I think I'm OK now."