HCSO detective admits sexual relationship with witness to deputy's murder

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From the instant 15 .40 caliber rounds were fired into the back and head of Harris County Deputy Darren Goforth, an outraged and grieving community has craved every new fact.

41 days after the execution style murder comes a new and disturbing revelation.

Court documents signed by Harris County Prosecutor Marcy McCorvey inform attorneys for murder suspect Shannon Miles that Harris County Sheriff Detective Craig Clopton has acknowledged a "consensual sexual relationship" during the investigation with a witness to the slaying."

"This is extremely embarrassing for the Harris County Sheriff's Department. It allows the defense to attack the integrity of the entire investigation," said FOX 26 legal analyst Chris Tritico.

While the disclosure does not reveal the identity of the witness involved in the sexual relationship, Miles' attorney Anthony Osso says it's believed the witness is the same woman romantically linked to Goforth and present at the Cypress Chevron at the time of the killing.

Osso tells FOX 26, "This should open the Public's eyes for a look at the credibility and integrity of the investigation."

In a statement announcing Clopton has been relieved of duty, Sheriff Ron Hickman said "This investigator's conduct was unethical and inexcusable and does not reflect the core values of the Harris County Sheriff's Office."

Legal analyst Tritico is in full agreement.

"That you could do something that could damage the entire case over something like this when you are investigating one of your fellow officer's death is beyond me. It is really a slap at deputy Goforth's family to do something like this on a case like this," said Tritico.

While the breach of conduct will likely cost Clopton his job, Tritico believes it will ultimately do little to seriously damage the prosecution's overwhelming case against accused killer Shannon Miles.