Hazardous waste in your hood

If you haven't heard of Wright Containers in the southeast part of town you should and you should monitor every move this Houston-based company makes, according to the Harris County Attorney's Office. They're being described as a bad neighbor that could put your health and the environment at risk. How? County Attorney Vince Ryan just obtained a restraining order against the company to block them—stop them from illegally dumping dangerous and hazardous waste into the city's storm sewer system. If you live in Houston, you should be concerned. Wright Containers operates an industrial packaging company.  Three workers at Wright blew the whistle on the company saying it dumped hazardous waste into a storm drain that leads to Sims Bayou.  HPD also investigated this month and found evidence of foul play, according to the county attorney. 

Wright Containers has been ordered into court to address how they will fix this issue of alleged illegal dumping against state guidelines. Assistant County Attorney bulldog Terry O'Rouke has been handling the case for Vince Ryan and he joins on The Factor with the latest on this shocking case.