Harris County crime: Ex-employee on the run after allegedly paying himself with stolen checks from employer

Harris County Constable. Precinct 4  is searching for a suspect accused of orchestrating a prolonged theft and forgery scheme against his former employer. Constable Mark Herman's Criminal Investigative Division uncovered a web of deceit and exploitation that left a local business owner in shock.

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A local business owner filed a report detailing the theft of checkbooks from his establishment, according to authorities. Little did they know, that the perpetrator behind this act was allegedly none other than one of their former employees: Hendry Gonzalez-Castellanos.

Gonzalez-Castellanos is alleged to have stolen checkbooks from his former place of employment and subsequently used them to write checks to himself, forging the signature of the business owner.


Between February and November of 2023, Gonzalez-Castellanos purportedly carried out this scheme, cashing the forged checks and retaining thousands of dollars for personal gain. Bank records and surveillance footage became critical components of the investigation, providing proof of Gonzalez-Castellanos passing the forged checks.  

As the investigation progresses, authorities remain committed to pursuing all leads and bringing the individual responsible for these alleged crimes to justice.