Halloween can be fun for your family pet, but can also be scary, dangerous

One dog, named Layla, is getting all dressed up this Halloween. 

"And she's dressed up like a mermaid for Halloween," said Sandy Scherer with All Border Collie Rescue.

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"And she (Callie) is dressed up like a pumpkin for Halloween," Scherer said.

"This Lady bug over here is named Gus, and this bumblebee is named Delphie, and they are both adoptable on allbordercollierrrescue.com," said Lilly Tang who is with the rescue group.

"Your pets are part of your family, and you want to make sure they're safe," said. Kat Gibson, Assistant Manager at Pets Supplies Plus Braes Heights.

Remember candy, especially chocolate, can be fatal for dogs. So always keep it out of reach.

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If your dog likes costumes, make sure they don't get overheated.

"Or there's not any lose things they can chew on or strangle themselves with," Gibson said.

All the door knocking doorbell ringing and strange voices can freak your dog out.

"There are calming treats you can use if your dog is scared of voices or any strange noises," said Gibson. "Add their favorite toy or their favorite blanket just make sure they're safe and calm do what you can to keep them happy."

Now is a good time to know the location of the nearest emergency vet and have the SPCA Poison Control Hotline number handy.


Don't leave your dog or cat unattended in the yard.

"Halloween is a big time for pets to go missing," Gibson said.

This Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., Pet Supplies Plus Braes Heights will be holding a Halloween party. It will of course include a pet costume contest.