Group plays Hawaiian Punch pong in Facebook Live traffic prank

It all happened in about one minute. Two Houston men took their game of beer or juice pong out to the street.

"They were like, you know let's play beer pong, on the street, I told them we should, let's do it, so we did and we set it up the beer pong, everything together", says Sol Uresti.

Uresti's friends grabbed their phones and started recording as the pair started playing in the middle of the Airline and West intersection. Later the video was uploaded to Facebook. With more than 130,000 views, it went viral.

"Alright let's do it, I'll record because I wasn't trying to get in trouble, we did it, we didn't expect it to get a lot of views but ya it made it out there", says Cristian Castaneda.

We met the guys out at the same intersection a day later to see how they did it.

"We were right there, people were honking and everything but most of the people and honking like oh y'all are crazy", says Uresti.