Grosse Pointe South students caught eating marijuana cookies on field trip

Eleven Grosse Pointe South High School students were caught eating marijuana-infused cookies on their annual field trip to a choir competition.

School and police officials believe the adult chaperones were unaware students were eating marijuana cookies during the annual trip to Finley, Ohio. Superintendent Gary Niehaus said those 11 students were punished and will not be allowed to attend the next choir trip to Ireland later this week.

"Those students have been disciplined," he said. "They have suffered their consequences. They are back in school currently."

Reliable sources told FOX 2 that two male recent graduates of Grosse Pointe South High School sold the marijuana cookies to the choir and the pot came from a current medical marijuana card holder.

Charges could be filed against those who sold the marijuana cookies to the choir. Grosse Pointe Farms police investigated, but the case is still open.

"A lot of us were pretty surprised that the choir kids were the ones to get in trouble," said John Francis, a sophomore and page editor at the school newspaper. "You don't expect that to happen but I guess anybody can fall into that trap."

Gross Pointe South High School wants students to know they have a counseling team in place to help with any issues that may come up.