Groom presents new stepdaughter with ring, asks her to be his child for life

37-year-old groom Diogo Bolant stood at the altar in Sao Paulo, Brazil last month, about to be united in matrimony with his bride.

But first, he had an important question to ask-- not to his wife-to-be, but to his future step-daughter.

Bolant turned to six-year-old Isadora, who was also the maid of honor, got down on his knees to meet her gaze, and surprised the little girl by popping this question: "Do you agree to be my daughter forever?"

The little girl did not hold back on her answer, quickly responding, "Yes!" and she could not hold back her tears either, as she was overcome with emotion.

Her new step-dad then took out a small ring from a box and slipped it onto her finger as the child sobbed.

And then she embraced her new dad.

The video of this heartwarming moment has received millions of views on social media, with many people moved by the love of this new father for his "forever" daughter. 

Isadora's mother later spoke about the bond between her husband and their daughter to Brazilian newspaper Extra saying, "Diogo has this love, a true love, and affection for her which is bigger than any title."